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Over the years we have been asked so many questions about Persian cats, it would be impossible to remember them all but we will try to answer what we feel will best serve you. We also would like to make the point that the following is our observations and do not necessarily represent those of other cat breeders.

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What makes the Persian so special? CATHEART.gif - 1.0 K Aside from it's beauty, the Persian is a very sweet, playful and quiet, for the most part, breed of cat. Male Persians usually weigh between 10 - 15 pounds, females less. Because of their weight Persians are not known for "climbing the walls" so to speak. Vocally they are much quieter then most other breeders of cats. Persians are a high maintenance animal. They have a very long thick coat which needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Bathing should be at least once a month. Most Persian kittens are used to being bathed and blown dry. If you are unable to do it you will have to find a grooming shop, that caters to cats, and pay to have it done. Persians shed once a year, and it's not pretty. You must comb daily to get the dead hair out rather then finding it all over the house. If you are unable to do this we recommend having the cat clipped, everything but the legs, head and tail. The cat will love it and after the initial shock, you will love it too. The new coat will be grown in about 6-7 months.

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Kitten Vs older cat.hk2.gif - 1.3 K hk7.gif - 1.2 K  Kittens are adorable, there is no denying it. But kittens don't stay little for long. In fact a 5-6 month old kitten is already at it's adult size. Some people feel that a kitten will bond better in their new home. This is not always true. On occasion older cats or kittens will adjust sometimes better and in shorter time then a younger kitten. Where there are small children, under 7 years old, in the home, a tiny kitten is not a good idea. An older cat/kitten is better adjusted to it's food, litter pan and is ready to romp and stomp with children.

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Male Vs female. Kittydrs.gif - 0.5 K People have it in their minds a female is a better pet. Not true! You cannot have a more loving pet then a neutered male. Females are loving too, but don't discount a male because he is a male!

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My cat has quit using it's litter pan, what can I do? qlitter.gif - 1.2 K This is a tough one no doubt about it. When a cat no longer goes to it's litter pan there is a reason. The litter pan could be dirty. Cats are generally very clean animals and a dirty litter pan is offensive to them. You should change the litter daily, you do not have to put tons of litter in one pan. A couple of cups will be fine. If your home is large or a two story, more then one litter pan would be in order. Keep the litter pan close to the cat's food and water, not in some laundry room at the end of the house. Sometimes scented litter is not to the liking of the cat. A covered litter pan, also may not be liked by the cat. Cats don't get mad, they get even, and not using their litter pan is one of the best ways to teach the owner a lesson. If your cat is not using it's litter pan, you will have to retrain it to do so. This sometimes will take months, but is well worth the effort. The first order of business is to make sure the cat isn't sick so a visit to vet should be first. If the cat is not spayed or neutered, this should be done ASAP. Whole cats like to leave their scent just in case another cat happens to wonder by, even if they are in the house. It makes no difference to the cat. How do you retrain your cat, by now you should know you cat's habits pretty well. When you see the cat scratching the floor, put it in the litter pan. Keep the cat confined with it's litter pan during the night or when you are not home to observe potty time. There have been many articles written on this subject, so you are not the only one going through this. Two magazines worth getting at the news stand is Cat Fancy and CATS, they have a lot of good articles on cat care which maybe of interest to you.

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What do I feed my cat? garfield.gif - 0.3 K This is a question we are asked almost daily. Any good cat food such as IAMS, Eukanuba, and Royal Canin. The first two brands can be bought at your vet's office, local feed store, or even Wal-Mart now. You can even find them at the local super market. Royal Canin is harder to find, I buy mine at the cat shows, but some pet shops carry it. Do not feed what we call "grocery store junk food". They just will not do the job.

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Should I spay or neuter my cat? jcat9.gif - 1.1 KABSOLUTELY! Females can come into season every 10 days and unless you have experienced this nightmare, you don't want to. You do not want your male to spray do you? Neutering will prevent this possibility.

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Why is it best to keep my cat indoors? catzz6.gif - 1.0 K A Persian that is allowed to roam outside will have fleas, twigs, leaves sometimes even insects caught in their coat. They will come in contact with other cats carrying dangerous diseases for which there is no cure. If this isn't bad enough, Persians are fair game for cat nappers and the chances of them being hit by a car are so great, we don't even want to think about it. Cats that live indoors are well adjusted and content. If you want to take you cat for a walk, there are cat harnesses' you can purchase from you local pet store. The fun part will be teaching Kitty to walk with it. If you have a screened porch this is ideal for your cat to sit and dream and watch the world go by.

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Our Position on Declawing your Persian
This is a serious matter and one that must be understood thoroughly. Declawing a cat is not just removing a claw, it would be the same as talking off the end of your finger at the first joint! Sometimes there are far reaching behavioral and physical problems. For a detailed description of declawing we suggest reading the article "If You Love Your Cat, Don't Declaw" written by Jackie Bell. CFA has adopted the following statement of which we support.

"CFA perceives the declawing of cats (onychectomy) and the severing of digital tendons (tendonectomy) to be elective surgical procedures which are without benefit to the cat. Because of post operative discomfort or pain, and potential future behavioral or physical effects, CFA disapproves of declawing or tendonectomy surgery.

The Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes that scratching is a natural behavior of cats and that cats may be defenseless without full use of their claws if they, either intentionally or unintentionally, go outdoors. Scratching damage to household furnishings can be minimized or avoided by routine clipping of the claws, the use of claw covers and by redirecting the cat's activity to acceptable surfaces".
(Guidance Statement approved by the CFA Board October 1996)

There is a new alternative to declawing which is well worth looking into. You can now purchase claw covers and they are very easy to apply. One brand name is Soft Paws and was invented by a vet because he just didn't like declawing his patients. They are very easy to apply, you put a drop of glue, much like that is used on ladies porcelain fingernails, inside the plastic claw cover and then slip it onto the cats nail. They come in clear and colors, which is really cool. Can you imagine a black cat with gold toe nails! Or how about a tortoiseshell with bright red nails! What fun. You will have to check with your local vet for more information on purchase and application.

Bringing in a new kitty:

    Just like young human toddlers, young kittens are curious, get into all kinds of trouble and put everything in their mouths.
     It is very important that as a new owner of a Persian or Himalayan kitten, you prepare your home to be the safest environment possible.  Spending the time and effort to thoroughly examine your home and correct any hazards found, will save you from potential heartache of an injured kitten.

Hazards to look out for:

electrical cords
unattended flames on stoves
hot liquid in potpourri bowls
hot stove burners
wall or space heaters
unattended dish water or bath water
cleaning supplies
tiny objects
sharp objects
small appliances
open toilet seats
open oven doors
open refrigerator doors
open dishwasher doors
open trash compactors
open clothes dryers
open fireplaces
open drawers and cupboards
open windows and outside doors
loose window screens
automatic paper shredders

moth balls

Other Things to Guard Against:

Sitting or stepping on a kitten-
Be sure to warn visitors to be watchful!

Rolling a chair over a kitten-
They tend to silently lie nearby their owners

Sleeping with a kitten and rolling over it.

Walking to the bathroom at night-
Kittens tend to follow their owners

Shutting a door or cupboard on a kitten-
Kittens are always curious and watching what
their owners are doing.

Watch carefully for the safety of your new friend!

Essentials to have before your
kitten comes home:

Litter box/litter/scoop
Scratching posts
Various toys
Dry and Canned Premium quality kitten food
Food & Water bowls
Cat Carrier
Climbing tree
Grooming supplies, metal comb, flea comb, nail clippers, gentle cat shampoo, etc.
A safe place to confine your kitten at night, or when you must be away.


We have not been able to cover all the questions you may have, so if there is something specific, please e-mail us at kernelkatz@yahoo.com and we will try to help. One more very important issue, a cat is one of God's creatures, and the responsibility of owning a cat should never be taken lightly. It is a life long commitment, which could last up to 20 years. Being a good pet owner is not easy, it has to be worked on every day. Unless you are ready to make that commitment to your Persian, please think it through before buying one. It will be the cat that suffers not you.







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